Iksuda Therapeutics

Supporting next stage growth with a new digital presence for a leader in therapeutic cancer treatment

Iksuda Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on the development of a new generation of antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) targeting difficult-to-treat cancers.

Founded in 2007 as a platform technology company, Iksuda Therapeutics is now a clinical-stage ADC drug development company located in both the UK and US. Driven by a powerful purpose to develop differentiated ADCs for improved patient outcomes, Iksuda strive to bring better therapies to cancer patients, especially where current treatment options are limited.

With an objective of raising brand awareness, profiling their deep expertise and encouraging further Biotech and Pharma partnerships, a new digital presence was key in presenting Iksuda’s capabilities as they continue to deliver on their growth strategy.

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Building out the brand to embrace biotech innovation and medical science, with added flexibility in application.

In order to better reflect Iksuda’s next stage growth and provide the flexibility to communicate their programs and expertise in ADC design and development, we explored type, colour palette, visual assets and photography. Building upon an existing visual identity, we further created a graphic language and brand expression able to support the content of the website and give a sense of Iksuda’s activities, scale and growth potential.

Expanding the graphic language to be more than just a logo.

Strengthening the main colours and bringing additional tints to the palette was important for more contrast and richness. We also played with the styles of the original typeface, creating a stronger typographic hierarchy, impactful headlines and paragraphs. We centred the brand language around geometric shapes – symbols of precision and logic present in the logo – building out a suite of visual assets used as iconography, UI elements, photography treatments and patterns.

Exploring the logo shape, we dissected, remodelled, and played with it to create a set of geometric assets used as UI elements for buttons, directional cues, as individual graphic items and masks to support content.

An immersive and vibrant website look and feel.

As a growing clinical stage business, with an advancing pipeline of differentiated ADCs, the new website needed to convey a storytelling narrative with more visual impact and scale. An initial consultancy phase identified core personas and user journeys, informing the new site architecture and wireframes prior to moving into design, development and build. Developed on the Umbraco CMS, we also host and support the site as part of our ongoing service packages with the Iksuda team.

Immersive 3D illustrations reflect the groundbreaking science delivered by expert teams.

In addition to new science and laboratory life photography that better demonstrates Iksuda’s operations, 3D illustrations are used to support biotechnology concepts from a cellular perspective, showing beautiful microscopic details that make the science more approachable. From its textures and colour treatment – relying on reds and warm tones – the illustration style works harmoniously with the photography selection, as well as adding impact and creating visual brand equity.

SampsonMay was an excellent partner for Iksuda. We needed an agency that was current, creative and responsive, with an ability to balance that creativity with commercial rigour and sector expertise. We also wanted to find a set of people that we trusted and liked; a team that was easy to work with. We see the SampsonMay team as an extension to our own and are delighted with the outcome.

Ian Evetts, Chief Business Officer at Iksuda Therapeutics