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Why join us?

We are always looking for talented folk to join our growing studio. We offer a culture that fosters creativity and free-thinking so if you are looking to develop your career and want to help shape our agency then we’d like to hear from you.

Our Promise

Four things you can expect from us...


We don’t just do one thing for one client sector – this is a conscious strategic decision – not only to avoid market risk but to make life more interesting! You will get to work on a diverse range of projects for exciting clients from global behemoths to small independent organisations. Check out our work to find out more.


You will be given responsibility from day one. Regardless of seniority you will be expected to play a key role within client projects from the outset. You won’t be thrown in at the deep end and left unsupported but we are looking for people who relish the opportunity to get stuck in and become an integral part of our studio.


We believe in rewarding those who want to make a difference to our business. There's no set time frame or checklist of requirements that have to be achieved in order to progress within the studio. Don’t get us wrong – you have to be superb at what you do and ready for the next career challenge but if you have an appetite to succeed then we will reward on merit.


As we have grown, we’ve begun to introduce more organisational structure to the studio but we’re far from a hierarchical business. We make a conscious effort to retain an entrepreneurial spirit and the freedom for individuals to grow. ‘Glass ceilings’ and ‘brick walls’ are not terms you’ll hear and where an opportunity exists, it’s yours to take.

Our expectations

Four things we expect from you...


We only want people who are truly committed to making a difference to our clients’ projects and our studio. It’s a well used cliché but ‘going the extra mile’ really means something at SampsonMay. It’s why clients feel confident in our ability to deliver and become long-standing partners, rather than just deliver one-off projects. Show the commitment, make a difference and we’ll offer a rewarding career.


To us, integrity is a nicer term for being bothered! We want to build a studio based on trust, honesty and a philosophy for doing the right thing. We don’t cut corners or look for the cheap and easy solution. We do things one way which is the right way – we treat clients and colleagues with the respect they deserve which creates superb work and a great workplace. If you share this belief then we’ve a place for you.


Regardless of agency size, we have a small team philosophy at heart and we look out for each other. We’ve no room for egos or prima donnas but only team players who can work both as an individual and part of a larger group. Teamwork goes beyond just the dynamics of the studio and your work mates but also supplier partners, clients and everyone involved in creating fantastic work.


If you want to succeed at SampsonMay, you’ll need energy, enthusiasm and motivation. Whether it’s a sunny Friday afternoon or a damp Monday morning, we need the same passion injected into every project and every working day. Motivated people have the focus to create great work and a great workplace – life’s too short not to enjoy it so if you’re excited about what you do then there’s a place to do it with us.

Our values

Our values are close to our hearts – they drive the culture of our studio and define who we are and what we stand for. We believe a values-driven business attracts like-minded people with a shared outlook who achieve more and go further.


We set up our consultancy because we care about what we do for our clients and we care about enjoying our daily work. No project is ever the same and we care about giving every client the individuality they deserve, producing superb work and providing the support they need at all times. We believe in honesty and reliability which build long-term partnerships.


We like to ask questions. We explore and imagine the limits of the possible in every project to deliver the most creative, innovative and effective solutions. We open our eyes to the technologies and developments around us and use them to help deliver brilliant results and added value for our clients.


We are dedicated to making every piece of work something we are really proud of. Our commitment to the smooth and accurate delivery of every project lets our clients sleep at night, knowing we can be trusted to deliver what we have promised to the highest standards. We make our clients’ lives simpler by providing solutions, accuracy and smiles to their working day.


We always want to do more. We’re an ideas business and a service provider. Creativity and the many ways of executing it never stand still, so neither do we. Our minds are restless and need to be fed by observing the world around us and the opportunities and developments within it. Restless minds bring a fresh and innovative way of thinking that benefits the solutions we bring to our clients.