AAVantgarde Bio

A new brand and website for a leading international biotechnology company

AAVantgarde Bio is a clinical-stage biotechnology company, developing cutting-edge gene therapy technology platforms focused on opening up the opportunity for genetic medicine delivery to more currently underserved patients with debilitating diseases.

Having successfully closed Series A fund raising in mid-2023, we were commissioned to support the next stage growth plans with a brand refresh, roll-out and website design and build programme. To align with the pace of AAVantagrde's operational development and scale-up plans, we adopted a sprint-based methodology, developing a phase one website on the Umbraco .NET CMS, in readiness for ongoing module design and development as required.

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Genetic engineering made visible

AAVantgarde Bio's technology focuses on Adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors, enabling gene delivery for the treatment of a variety of human diseases. Drawing visual reference from molecular biology, DNA and the businesses rich Italian heritage, we developed a new visual identity and broader brand language to reflect these attributes which are central to the business.

The DNA of the brand

Beyond the core identity creation, we wanted to develop a visual aesthetic that adopted a more abstract technology focussed approach as opposed to an overly clinical, lab-based direction. With future digital application in mind, we also wanted to use shapes and textures that could move and adapt where required in video and animation.


Illustrating the science behind the technology

Another key facet of content creation included the design of illustrations and medical diagrams to communicate complex medical principles accurately whilst also capturing the essence of the new brand visual language.

Movement within the brand was another key consideration, especially for future digital applications to create engagement, pique interest and support storytelling.

Bringing it all together

Activating the new brand across key priority applications was a fundamental component of the brand roll-out. From core presentation and stationery needs to the website and brand guidelines, all primary communications were covered under the phase one re-brand programme.

A digital platform for future growth 

We developed the new website on Umbraco, the largest and fastest-growing Microsoft.NET open-source CMS globally. Adopting a modular approach to our design and build methodology, the new site answers the current needs of the business, with the ability to easily add more pages and functionality as the business continues to grow.

Developing an iconographic visual language and building out a core icon library was another component of our brand creation and activation work.

Digital optimisation, analytics and performance

Developing the website for optimal performance across both desktop and mobile is always a core component of any site design and build project. SEO optimisation from both a technical and content creation perspective is also a fundamental part of our digital strategy consultancy, in addition to agreeing key SEO performance metrics as part of our GA4 set-up and ongoing analytics data reporting services.

We couldn’t be happier with the impact our rebranding and our new website has had on our staff, our investors, and our collaborators. From start to finish the team were professional, collaborative and passionate about creating something that made AAVantgarde stand out from other cell therapy companies. I’ve worked with SampsonMay on developing a new brand and website for two previous companies I’ve worked for and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Magda Blanco, PhD, MBA, Head of Corporate Development