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Project: Annual Report & Accounts 2015
Services: Best Practice Consultancy, Design, Photography, Production, Print, Fulfilment


In brief

Following the successful production of Cambian’s maiden annual report in 2015 – which won the Gold award for Best Printed Annual Report in the Corporate & Financial Awards 2015 – we have continued to work with the IR and Comms teams to tell the Group’s continued growth story over 2015.

Since Cambian’s IPO in April 2014, the plan for the report was still one of educating the market about Cambian’s differentiated offer to the delivery of specialist behavioural health services for children and adults across the UK.

In addition to further communicating Cambian’s unique model of care was the need to demonstrate delivery against the Group’s strategy over the year alongside the need to provide an open and honest explanation about the impact of an overly ambitious expansion plan on the financial performance for the year.


Whilst there is no hiding that the financial results for the year were short of previously forecast outcomes, it was also paramount to celebrate a large number of operational successes and a strong outlook for the Group.

With an estimated market potential revenue of £13bn within the UK Specialist Healthcare market, Cambian has further extended its reach and capabilities over the course of the year to not only provide increased capacity within their hospitals but also to move further into areas of higher acuity and specific conditions for both adults and children.

This is demonstrated from the outset of the report from the 'at a glance' and 'highlights' sections through to the detailed performance review and granular supporting content and metrics – the application of end-user photography and personable narrative ensure that underlying the strong investment story is also the core vision and purpose behind the Group which puts people first and truly focusses upon the objective of helping all patients to achieve their personal best with positive life changing outcomes.

A set of impactful spreads were developed to review the four strategic areas of focus over 2015 and to demonstrate proven delivery against these alongside cross-referencing to further detail within the report.

As an AIM Quoted business, the report continues to embrace best practice recommendations with further developments around a number of key areas from market and performance to risk and governance.

In addition to providing consultancy around best practice and the overall design and management of the report, our services included photography, print buying/management, mailing and fulfilment.