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N Brown Group

The power of transformation

An expert in fashion that fits and flatters, N Brown is one of the UK’s leading online retailers. To compete in the ever changing see now, buy now retail market, N Brown have successfully completed their transition from a mail order business to an agile leading digital fashion retailer.

Our challenge for the 2017 Annual Report was to showcase this new trading agility and the positive impact it has had on the business. The opportunity this strategic transformation brings is vast and has created a platform from which the Group can thrive within the fast paced and competitive ready-to-wear fashion sector.

Working closely with the Director of Investor Relations and wider reporting team, we created a print and online reporting suite that built upon the successful foundations we had already established across their 2016 reporting requirements (which were shortlisted for Best Annual Report - small & mid-cap at the most recent IR Magazine awards).

The strategic report has real impact and utilises their distinct corporate visual identity applied to key sections that provide important facts and a clear holistic overview for stakeholders prior to progressing into deeper narrative.

Furthermore, having established the key strategic drivers in 2016, the 2017 report evolves these areas with an emphasis on how the strategy has enabled N Brown’s new-found trading agility to deliver quantifiable results and exciting ongoing investment potential.

Between both the printed and online reports, N Brown now have another successful reporting suite that showcases their powerful position following a period of transformation as well as providing much more detailed forward looking commentary. The publications act as valuable tools for both external stakeholders as well as the 2,700 colleagues employed across the UK. 

Whilst there is still more to do and the world of corporate reporting is always evolving, N Brown continue to take positive steps forward with their integrated reporting and we look forward to continuing the journey with them and seeing what further progress 2018 has to offer.