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Pets at Home

More specialist, most loved

Project: Annual Report & Accounts 2016
Services: Best Practice Consultancy, Design, Digital Development, Photography, Production, Print, Fulfilment

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In brief

Building upon the success of our work with the Pets at Home team on the 2015 annual report and film, our objective for 2016 was to reinforce the Group’s mission of becoming ‘the best pet shop in the world’ through the theme of being ‘More specialist, most loved’.

From the outset of the report, this is introduced through the introduction of a set of icons that focus around the Group’s specialist expertise and omni-channel convenience, customer (and pet!)-centric approach and a responsibility that puts Pets before Profits as their number one focus for business success.

The icons were integrated throughout the strategic report to highlight how the values align with the Group’s overarching mission and strategy, providing a strong ‘thread’ linking the reporting narrative together.

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A more progressive approach around defining the Company’s investment proposition was adopted through a developed creative articulation of the Pets at Home integrated business model.

In addition, the 2016 report was also the opportunity to celebrate 25 years at the forefront of pet retailing following the Group’s first store opening in 1991 in Chester!

With 2016 showcasing the opening of 427 stores and 7,900 colleagues across the Company the 2016 report was also able to clearly outline a number of forward looking objectives alongside proven examples of strategic success.

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This year’s report once again provided the catalyst to undertake further operational photography for use within the report and as an addition to the Pets at Home visual asset image bank.

In addition to undertaking location photography we also developed a fully responsive online report to accompany the printed version.

Inline with feedback from analysts and retail investors, the online version provides a top-level overview of the Company’s performance with the ability to deliver PDF sections of the full report to provide a longer read and supporting detail.

The online version of the report can be reviewed alongside the full PDF report on the Group investor website.

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