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Mazars Group

Breaking new ground

Project: 2013/2014 Annual Report
Services: Best Practice Consultancy, Design, Digital Development, Translation, Foreign Language Typesetting, Production, Print, Fulfilment


In brief

Mazars are a leading independent global organisation specialising in audit advisory, accounting, tax and legal services. Unusually for an unlisted business, Mazars have published an Annual Report and consolidated Financial Statements for the past nine years.

The Group’s approach to Integrated Reporting is unique for a non-plc global organisation and for the 2014 Integrated Report, the goal was to build on last year’s disclosure to further demonstrate exceptional levels of transparency in compliance with the IIRC framework and to produce both English and French language versions of the report.


Mazars believe that the best strategies are driven by collective intelligence and see it as their responsibility to advocate financial and operating models to promote stability, quality, transparency, confidence and sustainable growth. The new report marked the start of a three-year strategy to provide even more comprehensive financial information and to better communicate the global Mazars ‘story’, drawing input from both internal and external stakeholders.

Part of the process to develop the content for the 2013–2014 Integrated Report started several months prior to publication, with the design and production of Collective Intelligence 2.0 an online platform to allow all stakeholders to submit questions about the firm. We developed the site to enable Single Sign On through LinkedIn accounts – users posted questions, the answers to which formed the basis of Q&As that ran throughout the report.

Following the website launch, the focus turned to the printed report, the design of which ran in tandem with the question content collation within Collective Intelligence 2.0. Key additions to the report included a new at ‘At a glance’ section – with content on topics such as global reach, business model, KPIs and highlights.

Given the focus around integrated reporting, an introduction to the context for this was included at the beginning of the report which also incorporated a ‘Materiality Matrix’ disclosing all material issues for key stakeholders. The report focused on the value creation and how Mazars uses and affects the six capitals defined by the framework of the IIRC. In addition, interviews and insights from external experts were also included.

A diagram of the value chain/business model was designed for the first time as well as the six capital icons which were added next to the case studies and the newly developed risks and opportunities tables. Moreover sections were clearly signposted with tabs and colour coding to further enhance navigation of the report.

Grande Arche de la Defense

The innovation in this year’s report comes from the way it was co-constructed with all of Mazars’ stakeholders. Asking questions about Mazars’ strategy, globalisation, governance and its future outlook helped build the report around the key material issues that matter to all stakeholders.

Other key outcomes include the creation of a more marketing-led report that acts as both an internal and external communications tool, providing greater information about the Group activities and the breadth of the consultancy offering. As a whole, the 2013–2014 Annual Report marks the first in a three-year journey to Integrated Reporting. It has opened up new ways, internally, of understanding how the business environment is using a holistic approach. Integrated thinking is taking hold at Mazars and this has created the opportunity to rethink how it explains its business model and the value creation process.

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