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Project: Annual Report & Accounts 2016
Services: Best Practice Consultancy, Design, Digital Development, Production, Print, Fulfilment

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In brief

Since listing on the London Stock Exchange in 2015, Auto Trader has continued to build on its position as the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace.

Historically a print based publication, Auto Trader quickly saw the long-term opportunity and need to migrate to a digital publishing platform and since 2013 have worked hard to make the transition to now become a 100% digital business sitting at the heart of the UK’s vehicle buying and selling processes.

We were commissioned by the IR and communications team to develop both their digital and printed reporting suite and as part of the process, undertake both board and location photography to add to the Group’s visual asset library.


Following initial consultation around best practice reporting, we worked closely with the Auto Trader team during the design process to explain the complex automotive marketplace and articulate the Group’s pivotal position within this.

With over 10 million transactions within the UK car market per year, the reporting suite became an important communication tool to clearly set-out Auto Trader’s position at the heart of the UK vehicle automative ecosystem and communicate their strategic objective to lead the digital future of the UK automotive marketplace.

This position is clearly explained through the introduction of a new ‘Market overview’ section which sits within a considerably enhanced Strategic Report containing improved best practice disclosure around the Group’s strategy, business model and performance.


Given the digital focus of the group, we were keen to develop a simple yet engaging online reporting experience alongside the design and production of the full printed report.

In doing so, we designed a single-page online report which acted as a supplementary feature to the main corporate website. As a digital-first business an online report made perfect sense granting all stakeholders (shareholders, potential investors, employees etc.) a destination to discover and digest key stories of the year. It was vital that the messaging found in the microsite aligned with the themes in the printed report. Presenting these main themes in dedicated panels achieved this and alongside PDF downloads offering greater detail, all levels of read are catered for – from a quick summary to a much deeper dive.

The site is fully responsive, providing an excellent user experience across all devices from desktop to tablet and mobile, further supporting the Group’s mission of being a digital-first business.

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