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Project: EVP Strategy and implementation
Services: Research, Workshop planning and Implementation, EVP Strategy Creation, Digital Strategy, Copywriting, Design, Digital Development, Production, Management

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In brief

Following the delivery of a targeted graduate recruitment campaign for Amey, we were commissioned by the Brand team to undertake a strategic piece around the development of the Group’s EVP Strategy.

With some 21,000 employees, Amey is one of the largest and most diverse companies working for the public and regulated sectors within the UK.

Whilst this diversity offers a vast range of career opportunities it also presented the challenge of needing to develop a truly authentic and all-encompassing EVP that connected with talent across all levels of the business from more conventional jobs to highly specialist and hard-to-reach roles.

Amey EVP

As Employer Brand Management becomes ever more important in the attraction, development and retention of talent, so it has become a more complex area that can all to often default to branded ‘expression’ activities focussed around employee benefits and expectations.

Our approach to EVP development is built around the creation of a ‘core thought’ to provide the focal point and direction around which employee benefits and employer expectations gravitate to form the basis of the employment ‘deal’.

If implemented correctly, the development of an informed and authentic EVP creates the 'thread' that links the spectrum of people management activities from recruitment and on-boarding to talent management and retention.

Adopting a research-led approach, our starting point was to work closely with Amey’s Brand, HR, Recruitment and Communications teams to initially undertake a comprehensive insight and research phase.

Using annual survey results, pulse surveys and other data from on-boarding and exit interviews, we conducted an extensive discovery phase. Insights from this data analysis, alongside further interview based qualitative research, enabled us to develop a comprehensive stakeholder and audience map and in-turn create a number of prototype EVPs for testing.

Amey EVP

Following the development of three initial prototypes, we tested the ‘stretch’ of each potential EVP within a number of stress-test workshops to truly asses the authenticity of each with a diverse range of participants from the defined stakeholder and audience map.

Building upon feedback from the workshops we implemented a final phase of refinement and finalisation to create a detailed EVP Strategy Framework and associated implementation and activation roadmap focussed upon the ‘bridge to creative’ from strategy to visual execution.

Working closely with Amey over the following months we delivered a cross-section of creative outputs from social media assets and content to literature, advertising and the development of relevant sections within the Group website and intranet.

Amey EVP