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Giving Scuba a kickstart…

We’re taking a deep dive into the world of Scuba having just finished a phase of content strategy and film production work for SUBA, an exciting tech company disrupting the underwater world of diving.

For a sport that transcends an extensive range of users from one-off leisure divers through to the sport, commercial and professional dive community, the way we dive has not changed in 30 years.

SUBA (which stands for smart underwater buoyancy assistant) is the next generation of scuba diving equipment. It puts divers in control of their dives.

A diver in control protects himself, his dive buddy, diver partners and protects the coral reef, the underwater world and ultimately the planet.

The heart of SUBA’s patented system is a wrist computer. It has been designed and built by divers, for divers. The system allows divers to be in complete control when diving. It removes the risks and complications involved in manually inflating and deflating your Buoyancy Control (BC) jacket.

SUBA enables divers to precisely control depth, ascent, descent and dive time – making the underwater world safer and more accesible for experienced divers and those taking their first steps through dive schools around the world.

The SUBA team want as many people as possible to experience the beauty and weightlessness of scuba diving and after five years of designing, building, refining and testing, they are just about to launch first market-ready product.

We have been working with the founders to produce a Kickstarter film to support a final fundraising stage to help deliver the final product launch stage for Q2 2016.

Find out more about SUBA.