BrandHub: A better way to manage your brand assets online

BrandHub: A better way to manage your brand assets online

Keep all of your brand assets in one single, easy-to-access location online

BrandHub is a secure, cloud-based solution that allows users to understand and follow guidelines about your brand. Using cloud technology, users can review, request, download and share assets from the portal from anywhere in the world.

Give access to your employees and selected creative partners

The BrandHub can be publicly available or password protected for restricted access. You can create logins for individual users or generic logins to be shared with teams. Unregistered users can request access, subject to administrator approval.

Provide guidance on how to correctly use your brand assets and enable easy access to download files

BrandHub brings your brand to life online, moving away from old-fashioned guideline documents. It is designed to tell your brand story, inspire your team and partners and reinforce brand consistency across your business.

Access day-to-day files, like presentation templates and logos

BrandHub can also work as a destination for users to access practical assets such as presentation templates, tone of voice guidance and logos. It becomes a central source for your principal brand assets in one secure and easy to manage location.

Always have the latest versions of your assets and files available in one place

You control future content changes, meaning any updates to assets can be applied to BrandHub quickly and easily. Registered users can be informed about updates, ensuring only the latest versions are available, avoiding any confusion and preventing out-of-date assets being used.

Manage access to the BrandHub 24/7

Administrators have full control over all user requests with the ability to review who has access to the BrandHub alongside the permission to update or disable accounts in seconds.

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